"I have had many hours of bodywork and Monika's lessons are by far the most rewarding. If you have been wondering about AT don't hesitate any longer. One lesson with Monika can be life changing."

— Joan Wanveer
Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Cary, NC

"AT has simply meant the difference between having pain and not having pain. When I have a twinge, I now know how to release my way out of it. I’ve lost my fear of the sciatica, and regained my ability to walk as far as I want."

— Marcia Menter
Editor, New York, NY









"For the cost of, say, a holiday, you can invest in learning to look after yourself in a way that's going to last the rest of your life.  I think that's got to be good value for money." 

British Medical Journal interview with Carolyn Nicholls of The Alexander Technique College, Brighton, England


Lighten up!

Learning the Alexander Technique (AT) is like discovering a super power you didn’t realize you had: an anti-gravity reflex that releases your body upward and makes every kind of movement lighter, freer and easier.

We all possess this dynamic anti-gravity reflex.

But most of us unconsciously brace, twist and tighten our bodies in response to the various stresses in our lives. In a series of one-on-one lessons, AT teaches you how to let go of this habitual tension and find grace, ease and youthful resilience at any age. You’ll learn how to approach any activity with more freedom and a lower risk of injury. And you’ll have this skill for the rest of your life.

AT is the secret weapon of athletes, performers, business professionals, orthopedic patients—and anyone who wants to experience their own incredible lightness of being.

Take the path that will lead you toward a lifelong awareness, self-sufficiency and long-term well-being.

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The AT instructor works carefully and thoughtfully with you to teach you a simple, fun and useful life skill. You will learn this skill steadily and thoroughly and you will be rewarded with true self-sufficiency and confidence. AT lessons are not a quick fix nor are they any sort of exercise program or manipulative treatment.  To be effective and to gain long-term benefits, AT requires your curiosity and willingness to connect what you are learning during your lesson time to your daily life, when you are on your own and away from your teacher.  Soon, you will no longer need your teacher, but will be able to manage yourself beautifully under many sorts of conditions and challenges, completely on your own!


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In a recent study reported in the British Medical Journal, chronic back-pain sufferers experienced significant long-term relief through AT. One group of patients was given twenty-four lessons in AT, and a year later they reported that their number of days in pain had fallen by 85% compared with the control group. The average number of activities limited by back pain had fallen by 42%.


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"Increased Dynamic Regulation of Postural Tone through Alexander Technique Training"

Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health & Science University


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