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Become more self-sufficient

Take the path that will lead towards a lifelong awareness that is optimal for your health and well-being.

Our job at Form Fitness & Function is to give you:

The skills you need to

• Quickly notice when something is going wrong
• Make a better choice
• Remove the potential causes of a relapse

A personalized exercise approach to

• Improve your muscle tone
• Strengthen evenly and symetrically
• Gain an increased physical confidence

Positive, long-term goals to:

• Keep you moving
• Enjoy the pleasures of easy walking or even running


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Alexander Technique

Lighten up!

Learning the Alexander Technique (AT) is like discovering a super power you didn’t realize you had: an anti-gravity reflex that releases your body upward and makes every movement lighter and freer. We all possess this anti-gravity reflex. But most of us unconsciously brace, twist and tighten our bodies in response to the stresses in our lives, often with a longterm result of injury and chronic pain. In a series of one-on-one lessons, AT teaches you how to let go of this tension and find grace, ease and youthful resilience.

Pilates Training

Tone your muscles!

Pilates focuses on toning muscles evenly, helping to keep your body balanced and providing support for your spine. The exercises are done on specially designed equipment to ensure proper alignment during your workout. You also train in a mat series of flowing floor moves. Pilates gives you better body awareness and better posture. It focuses on stretching as well as strengthening, and can be modified to accommodate any physical limitation.

Walking or Running for exercise

Get moving!

Learn how walking or even running can become a gentle, positive, injury-free element in your life. We’ll help you establish good mechanics that actually prevent injury to joints, muscles and bones. Our individualized training programs will help you reach your personal goals—whether you want to walk easily for 30 minutes, happily trot a few miles, or even entertain that dream of successfully completing a distance event.


Sessions are also available via Skype

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