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Put a spring in your step

Staying fit in your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond is about exercising smarter, not harder. We’ll teach you techniques to increase your strength, flexibility and balance, no matter what orthopedic issues you may have. Reduce your risk of falls, injuries, wear and tear. Feel confident about your ability to take care of yourself.


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Alexander Technique

Lighten up!

Learning the Alexander Technique (AT) is like discovering a super power you didn’t realize you had: an anti-gravity reflex that releases your body upward and makes every kind of movement lighter, freer and easier.

We all possess this anti-gravity reflex. But most of us unconsciously brace, twist and tighten our bodies in response to the aches, pains, and stresses in our lives. In a series of one-on-one lessons, AT teaches you how to let go of this habitual tension and find grace, ease and resilience at any age. You’ll learn how to approach any activity with more freedom, and to keep existing problems from getting worse. Over time, learning AT can reduce your need for pain medication or physical therapy. It gives you renewed confidence in your ability to manage your daily activity and move without injury. And you will have this skill for the rest of your life.


Pilates Training

Tone your muscles!

You may have heard celebrities praise Pilates, but this revolutionary exercise program is not just for movie stars or people who want “perfect” bodies. Pilates is great for seniors because it focuses on toning muscles evenly, helping to keep your body balanced and providing a lengthening support for your spine. The foundation strength you get from Pilates will enhance every other activity in your life.

Pilates can be modified to accommodate any physical limitation. It gives you better body awareness and better posture, and it focuses on stretching as well as strengthening. The exercises are done on specially designed equipment to ensure proper alignment. You also train in a mat series of flowing floor moves. Come try this elegant workout.


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Running and Walking Coaching

Get moving!

Learn how walking or even running can be a healthy, positive, injury-free element in your life. We’ll help you establish good mechanics that actually prevent injury to joints, muscles and bones.

Our individualized training programs will help you reach your personal goals—whether you want to simply walk easily for 30 minutes, happily trot a few miles or successfully complete a distance event.

If you’re already a runner, we can significantly improve your race time for any distance. Not only will you improve your speed, strength and endurance, you’ll achieve greater ease and pleasure as you reach peak performance.


Sessions are also available via Skype

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Functional reach improvement in normal older women after Alexander Technique instruction. Dennis (1999). Journal of Gerontology - Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences, 54A(1): M8-M11.

Women aged 65-88 who received 8 Alexander Technique lessons showed a 36% improvement in forward-reaching distance (a common measure of balance control), while control subjects of the same age showed a 6% decrease over the same time-period.