Productivity & Pleasure in Performance™

Individual or group training to:

  • Develop leadership skills, command and charisma
  • Create the resilient employee "athlete" or "team"
  • Eliminate burn-out
  • Improve office relations
  • Increase efficiency in specific work-related skills
  • Reduce time away from work
  • Prevent work-related injuries
  • Lower employer insurance costs over time
  • Help your employees to do their best!


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PERFORMANCE COACHING: Presence & Style in Communication & Presentation

One-to-one training designed to improve general performance through increased poise, presence, confidence, calm, and authority.

Includes a through  coordination re-education based on the Alexander Technique (AT). The trainee will learn to organize themselves better in order to manage others better, improving communication through both their body language and their verbal language. In the process, they will uncover their charisma: their own unique and compelling presence.

The net result will be not only better command of leadership abilities but also a less reactive and more responsive individual, more tolerant of stress, more efficient, calmer and less vulnerable to "wear and tear."

The trainee will emerge with the clear ability to balance their work/life equation.

Special consideration and sensitivity is given to trainees who are coming from different cultures and languages of origin to help them understand how these factors may be impacting their confidence and clarity in a leadership role.


These sessions are designed to help the trainee prepare for a specific upcoming presentation, event or interaction.  They can be set up as needed on an individual basis. They are short-term interventions for individuals who have not had the general performance training or are useful tune-ups for individuals who have had the other  general performance training.


This is a thorough worker skills re-education training based on the Alexander Technique (AT). It falls under two basic categories:

  • For mostly sedentary jobs that involve desk work on computers and telephones or simple repeated physical actions, often involving high levels of “Digital Stress”.
  • For more physically demanding jobs, such as waiters and waitresses, carpenters and woodworkers, plumbers and sanitation workers, nursing home aides and daycare workers, firefighters and teachers, that often involve high levels of “Analog Stress”.


Pilates classes or Running programs catered to your needs. We can prepare your employees for a Corporate Challenge race or tone them with Pilates mat workouts.



Unique Workplace Interventions!

We offer Skype

Workplace Support & Reminders

during your work day

Improve poise, reduce tension,

eliminate repetitive stress syndrome

in your office

while you are working!

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So, you aren’t a big corporation but you want to bring these same benefits to your employees and to your bottom line?

Medium Budget?

Small group workshops, fitness classes or one-to-one training programs can be designed specifically for your small business, and can be carried out on site.

Low Budget?

Rather than paying to design an on site program specific to your business, you can send your employees to our ongoing group trainings off site. Our ongoing groups fall into the two worker categories described above, for mostly sedentary jobs or for more physically demanding jobs.

No Budget?

For a small Membership Fee for your small business, any of your employees can get a discount to any of our off-site private sessions or group classes when they pay “out of pocket”.