You share the same Anti-Gravity Superpower as the Supermodels!

Ever been Instagrammed at a social function only to discover you had... Round Shoulders?!   =:0

You and Victoria Beckham.

Yes, that's right. News Flash: Even Posh Spice slumps.

Or, rather, slumped.  

Before she discovered Alexander technique training. In the mid-2000s, when Victoria was upset about her ubiquitous round-shouldered photos circulating through the Cybersphere, friends recommended Victoria seek Alexander training to turn her downward and inward pull into an upward and outward, omni-directional, expanded, refreshed, and reoriented Self. As one friend reported: "You can tell that something is working as the years of Victoria's shoulders being slumped are now over."

Friends, that "something" that is working for her now is her newly released Superpower: her Anti-Gravity Reflex! Her amazing new Secret of Poise, however, is yours for the taking - since you have it, too. As does anything that has both a head and a spine. If you are a vertebrate, you can defy gravity. With a little guidance from the Alexander technique.


Victoria even refused to get bunion surgery, banking on her new (en)Lightened Alexander Way of Being to gradually take the torque out of her toes. The jury is still out on that, but she did Shock The Fashion World by switching to brogue flats in early 2014!


Her brilliant new AT Lifestyle seems to have really stuck. Here she is just yesterday in a Singapore airport, apparently employing the time-honored traditional Alexander "anti-burnout" refresher known as "semi-supine" : )       >>>>


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Don't delay!  Experience The AT Float, just like Supermodel Victoria Beckham!

"See you" soon,

Monika Gross, Certified Teacher of the Alexander technique since 1985


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