"Tom got me through three pregnancies and each post-pregnancy recovery. I was in better shape after each child than ever before thanks to Tom and I was able to manage three workouts a week with young babies because he came to my home."

— Vanessa Cornell, NYC


"I am 85 years old and know that less flexibility comes with the territory. When I step out onto the street after an hour of Pilates with Tom, I am more upright, loose, and walk more freely. I am assured that he knows what he is doing and has the experience to keep me within my natural limits."

— Thomas F. McEvily, Jr., retired Navy, NYC


"Tom is patient and easy to work with but also sets high standards and knows how to motivate his clients. I no longer suffer from any back pain at all and my balance, strength and posture have improved significantly."

— Anya Schiffrin, Journalist, New York NY




Tone your muscles!

Pilates dramatically changes the way your body looks, feels and performs.

It’s one form of exercise that enhances every other physical activity in your life because it focuses on toning muscles evenly, helping to keep your body balanced, and providing a lengthening support for your spine.

The exercises are done on specially designed equipment to ensure proper alignment during your workout. You also train in a mat series of flowing floor moves.

Pilates gives you better body awareness and better posture, and it focuses on stretching as well as strengthening. And Pilates is sophisticated and subtle enough to be modified to accommodate any physical limitation.

Come try this elegant workout.

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