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1)  The Confident Child

Simple, practical, sensitive strategies to help your child or teen manage anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem, and stay calm, poised and content.



Age-appropriate family-based sessions for children and teens ages 9-18 and their parents and caregivers.


Small groups or Individual sessions



9 to 11 Year Olds 

Your child will learn to be successful at turning off their big overreactions to stimuli. They will get heaps of praise for not pushing their “Startle Button” and for keeping their cool.  What kid doesn't feel self-satisfaction and confidence when they get to say “No!” out loud, especially when it's to an annoying stimulus!  You can practice keeping your cool, too, in the Championship Parent-Kid Stimulus-Response Challenge!


12 to 14 Year Olds

Your child will be fascinated to learn about the science and physiology of human stress or “startle” reactions and how they affect one's ability to function, both mentally and physically.  They will take away new confidence-boosting strategies to successfully undo these patterns before they turn into fixed and worrisome habits.  Parents will learn new language to help support their child’s process, and will gain their own go-to skills to keep their cool during the teen years!


15 to 18 Year Olds

During these years of challenging and disorienting transitions for teens, the ability to stay calm and make clear choices is invaluable.  This workshop will focus on the physiology of choice. The only real freedom we have as human beings is in that moment between stimulus and response. We will expand and explore that moment to allow teens (and their parents!) to become Masters of the Art of Choice, with a new set of skills to meet with confidence and happiness, rather than with fear, discouragement or confusion, the yet unkown and ever-increasing demands of this time of life.



2)  The Kids Are Alright!

Positive Postural Playtime for Families

You can nurture, preserve and strengthen the lovely natural grace of your child’s movement before conditions of modern life start to disturb it. We will share games and stories that will keep your little one fascinated while they discover their own Anti-Gravity Superpower!  


Age-appropriate family-based sessions for children ages 0-8 and their parents and caregivers.



Small groups or Individual sessions





0 to 2 Year Olds

Learn ways of holding your baby and playing with your toddler that will keep their postural reflexes active and integrated into their daily play. At the same time learn how to maintain your own ease and balance while carrying and bending towards (and chasing!) your child, avoiding unnecessary back and neck strain and making child care feel much lighter and less fatiguing.


3 to 5 Year Olds

Stories and fun games for your children to enjoy consciously playing with their poise and challenging their balancing reflexes.  Parents can try, too! But don't be surprised when your four-year old starts to remind you about your posture at the dinner table...


6 to 8 Year Olds

Engage the active imagination of this age group with games that give valuable lessons about their amazing ability to consciously chose between “crunching” or “floating,” “hardening” or “softening”, “holding” or “releasing” themselves into light and effortless buoyancy. Will they “tighten their reins” or “let their necks be free”? The choice is completely theirs! And you may be surprised to find yourself choosing to lighten up more often, as well.




$50 one child & one parent/caregiver

$15 each additonal


Special Discounted Family Card!

One-Hour Classes designed for your Family in our Asheville Studio)

$600 = 40 units   ($15 per unit)

May be used in any of the following combinations of parents/caregivers and children!

Private lesson = 4 units ($60) 

Two family members shared lesson = 3 units ($45) 

Three family members shared lesson = 4 units ($60) 

Four family members shared lesson = 5 units ($75)


 All workshops are taught by Monika Gross with training methods based on the Alexander Technique. 

Read more about Monika.  Read more about the Alexander Technique.

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