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Alexander Technique (AT)

Lighten up!

You may not have heard of AT, but this world-renowned system of movement re-education could work wonders for your golf game.

AT can help you improve:

Your Technique

You'll be amazed at how much farther and more accurately you can hit the ball once you learn how to use less effort to generate more power.

Your Posture

You’ll feel lighter, taller and more confident on and off the course as your new form draws positive notice from friends and colleagues.

Your Focus

Learning AT will help you address the ball with a single focused thought rather than standing at the tee struggling to remember twenty different things to do at the same time.

Your Over all Experience

AT will help you develop a vital skill for your golf: the ability to get into the moment and that subliminal state where everything seems easy and joyful.


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Pilates Training

Tone your muscles!

Pilates is one form of exercise that enhances every other physical activity in your life, including your golf, because it focuses on toning muscles evenly, helping to keep your body balanced, and providing a lengthening support for your spine. And Pilates is sophisticated and subtle enough to be modified to accommodate any level of rehab when you are coming back from injury.

The exercises are done on specially designed equipment to ensure proper alignment during your workout. You also train in a mat series of flowing floor moves.

Pilates gives you better body awareness and better posture, and it focuses on stretching as well as strengthening. You’ll notice greater power in your drive and more control in your putt.


Running or Walking Coaching

Get moving!

Get off of that golf cart and onto your two-tones!

Learn how to integrate the joy of walking or running into your daily life and feel the difference in your stamina on the course. Keep “heart-healthy” with the simplest and most natural cardiovascular exercise known to mankind.

We’ll help you establish good mechanics that actually prevent injury to joints, muscles and bones. Our individualized training programs will help you reach your personal goals—whether you want to simply walk easily for 30 minutes, happily trot a few miles or even attain that dream of successfully completing a distance event.


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